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Posted by 999 StatioN Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Speed MP3 Downloader

Posted by 999 StatioN Monday, December 27, 2010

Speed MP3 Downloader

WinApp | Speed MP3 Downloader | 6.96 MB
Now you are located at the center of music downloading world. As your swiftest vessel, Speed MP3 Downloader is perfect for browsing and downloading your favorite songs across all genres, which also offers Unlimited Listening Online, Top Hits recommendation, etc. Listen to music NOW!

Speed MP3 Downloader

• INSTANT ACCESS to over 100,000,000 songs
• Recommend the LATEST and HOTTEST songs
• Download on your PC, IPOD, or MOBILE PHONE
• Listen to Unlimited Music Online
• Your downloads are completely LEGAL and VIRUS FREE

Download from HotFile:


Microsoft® Visual C++ 6.0 Professional Edition .

Microsoft® Visual C++ 6.0 Professional Edition | 619 Mb

Brings a new level of productivity to C++, without sacrificing flexibility, performance, and control. In addition to features like IntelliSense Technology, Edit and Continue which significantly speeds development time, Visual C++ 6.0 contains greatly improved support for Web and Enterprise development.
Homepage :http://www.microsoft.com/en/us/default.aspx

Easy Audio Downloader

Posted by 999 StatioN

Easy Audio Downloader
Easy Audio Downloader | 3.15 MB

Easy Music(Audio) Downloader, a leading digital music download service, gives people unlimited access via the Internet to computers. We deliver premium digital entertainment to consumers, expand our offering from music to video, games and other programs, and have made great achievements in this field.The Easy Audio Downloader programs, designed with a strong focus on the consumer, in mission of providing simple, free but powerful practicability and usability, are very popular in this field now and have won a great reputation of numerous consumers. Easy Audio Downloader, striving for excellence in state-of-the-art global technology services, will do our utmost to continue in providing good solutions to meet consumers' need and bring them more excellent software and service.
* Easy audio downloader search and download songs from internet.
* Support One-Click-Download.
* Support download English,Spanish,French,German,Russion,Korean,Chinese,Thai and Japanese Songs.
* Support over 100 music's genre.
Key Features of Easy Music(Audio) Downloader
Endless Music - Over 100 mega mp3, still growing, you'll definitely find whatever you want!
Safe & Secure - It has been certified to be completely free of spyware, adware, viruses, Trojan Horses, etc.
Total Ease of Use - With fresh, intuitive interface, quick search and specific output, your download will be quick and efficient.
Dynamic Top Rankings - Recommend hot songs sync with USA BILLBOARD HOT 100, UK BILLBORAD HOT 100 and Japan Oricon.
Language Support - Support English,French,German,Italian,Spanish and Russian.
Genre Support - Support Punk,Blues,Rnb,Folk,Emo and others.
Oriental Music - Support Korean,Japanese,Chinese and Thai songs.
Audio Format Support - Support mp3,wam,rm and other audio format(based on audio search package in detail).
Enjoy Everywhere - It's portable. you can enjoy the downloads anytime, anywhere you want.
Music Support - Support Violin,Flute,Piano,Sax and other types' music.
New Version Of Easy Audio Downloader (
The difference between and of Easy Audio Downloader are following:
1. Add one music search package - latin music package - which and search and download english music,frensh music,german music,india music, italy music, russian music and spanish music.
2.Changed Interface,make it more easy to use.
3.Fixed found bugs.
Home Page - http://sooftmoon.com/Products.htm

Download links:


CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra64 v9.0.2316

CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra64 v9.0.2316 | 658.57 MB

CyberLink PowerDirector - Magic Video Editing for Creating Dynamic Movies, Edit videos and slideshows automatically with stunning titles, effects, and transitions, Quickly fix and improve videos with magic enhancement tools, Achieve the results you want with advanced editing features including key frame PiPs and menu editor, Import from high-def camcorders to create high-def movies, Publish directly to the web on Streamload or YouTube. CUDA acceleration support.
Video Production at Blazing Speed

Introducing TrueVelocity Engine for the HD video era. Speeds up video processing time in every possible way

• Maximizing System Memory – TrueVelocity 64 takes advantage of PowerDirector’s 64-bit OS support utilizing the entire system memory to process multiple HD video files efficiently.
• Optimizing CPU Utilization – TrueVelocity Parallel makes video processing smoother and faster by splitting tasks into smaller segments and simultaneously processing them across all available CPU threads.
• Harnessing the Power of the CPU/GPU – TrueVelocity Accelerator taps into the power of Intel, AMD and NVIDIA video processing technology for hardware-enhanced video decoding and encoding.

Powerful Editing Tools

Powerful yet easy-to-use tools let you enhance videos and create sophisticated visual effects

• Timeline Interface – Up to 100 video and audio timeline tracks for a flexible workspace, easier media management, and more creative projects.
• Video Enhancement Tools – PowerDirector’s suite of advanced TrueTheater™ technologies improves the video quality, offering SD-to-HD quality up-scaling, video noise removal, color and light adjustment, smooth slow-motion playback, and more.
• Advanced Audio Editing – New WaveEditor® allows users to edit their audio tracks with effects and includes VST plug-in support for third party effects.
• Full HD Previews – Preview your video in real-time with full HD quality like never before.

Maximized Creativity

Bigger and more flexible workspace, and even more effects and templates for your growing video editing needs

• MagicStyle Movie Wizard – Select existing photos and videos, choose a built-in 3D template and audio track, and MagicStyle puts it all together into an amazing 3D movie in seconds.
• Customized Particle Effects – Unique Particle effects that are customizable for that special touch to your video creatives

Sharing on all Media

• 100,000+ FREE Effects – provided to you by the PowerDirector Community on DirectorZone.com. Including customized effects, templates, tips, tutorials and DVD menus that grow in amount every day.
• Publish to Social Networks – Users can choose to upload to Facebook or YouTube in Full HD quality directly from PowerDirector.
• On-the-Go Media – Output videos directly to the iPad, iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, PSP, Zune and many other mobile devices. Simply select your device type and PowerDirector does the rest.

Homepage :http://www.cyberlink.com/products/powerdirector/overview_en_US.html




DAZ3D Bryce Pro v7 & Carrara Pro V8

Posted by 999 StatioN

DAZ3D Bryce Pro v7 & Carrara Pro V8

DAZ3D Bryce Pro v7 & Carrara Pro v8 | 533MB

This is All in One pack which contains Bryce & Carrara,including related stuff - all of them released today on 08/11/2010
DAZ3D Bryce Pro v7.0.1.34
Discover why Bryce has earned its place as the favorite 3D modeling and animation package of so many for so long. Bryce 7 Pro combines powerful features with a smart and simple user interface to make the creation of digital landscapes easier and more realistic than ever. Bryce 7 Pro proves that the only limit to creation is your own imagination.

For more than a decade, artists of all mediums have known Bryce as the affordable 3D software for achieving breathtaking realistic imagery. Bryce 7 gives you the ability to work faster and create more realistic environments than ever before. From the new Instancing Lab and totally redesigned bridge to DAZ Studio, to the improved skies and clouds, updated HDRI and advanced lighting, Bryce 7 will breathe new life into both your future and existing Bryce scenes. Whether you are a professional designer, or a recent 3D graphics enthusiast, Bryce provides you with the tools to literally create a world of your own.

DAZ3D Carrara Pro v8.0.1.45
Carrara 8 Pro - popular tools for creating and rendering 3D-models and the preparation of high quality three-dimensional animation. The package contains many new tools and opportunities for professionals, students and enthusiasts of the three-dimensional graphics, including a three-dimensional drawing, multi-pass rendering and vertex modeling objects with links to other objects. In addition to an extensive set of tools for modeling and animation package offers a rich export opportunities created materials. COLLADA Export module allows you to export ready-made model and the scene for further processing in programs like DAZ Studio and Adobe Photoshop.

Carrara Pro 8 has a set of specific innovations and improvements. The professional version of the product offers support for 64-bit systems, Mac and Windows. A library of Bullet Physics Library will provide the possibility of more realistic simulation of the physical properties of soft and hard bodies. In its users would be modified by means of modeling lighting and more advanced tools to create interesting effects and management of direct light, such as God Rays and the Barn Door. According to numerous requests from users of the manufacturer also included in the package application Puppeteer, simplifies the creation of three-dimensional characters with realistic animation. A further demand innovation is enhanced support for network rendering.
A list of enhancements in Carrara version 8, includes an increased 200% performance rendering of complex scenes, enhanced support for data formats FBX and COLLADA, as well as multi-threading support for Mac and Windows, which can help reduce the load on the CPU when performing intensive computations . Users familiar with previous versions, will appreciate the advanced modeling of vegetation. Including Carrara 8 would use the custom model and texture to create unique leaves, flowers and fruits.

List of releases (Windows):








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